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Criminal Law

Criminal Lawyer Farmington NM 2

Criminal Lawyer Farmington NM

Criminal Lawyer Farmington NM – DWI.  Domestic violence.  Drug possession.  Did you know most criminal offenses occur following the use of alcohol or drugs?  And New Mexico has a unique way of dealing with this.  The court can set “conditions of release” – before you are ever tried or convicted – and jail you if you fail drug and alcohol testing even prior to a conviction.  It’s important to navigate this system successfully while dealing with the charges themselves.

The police in New Mexico are restricted by TWO constitutions – the United States constitution, which restricts their over-reaching, and the New-Mexico Constitution, which restricts their actions even more.  Police failure to abide by these rules may result in evidence or the entirety of the state’s case being thrown out.

After examining police actions, it’s important to examine the evidence itself for errors or inconsistencies.  This may range from questioning officers and witnesses, to reviewing body-cam footage and audio which New Mexico now requires nearly every agency to operate.  This footage frequently picks up details not reported, or reported incorrectly.  And if the agency has not gathered the footage as required, may also result in your case being dismissed.

The most frequent offenses in New Mexico – DWI in particular – carry complicated sentences which may not be evident from the charging document.  For example, being charged with DWI alone, even if you are not convicted, may result in your license being revoked, and a mandatory interlock being installed.  If proper steps are not taken, you might face an additional, mandatory 7 days in jail if you are caught driving, all before being convicted of DWI.

We examine police compliance with the law, search for problematic evidence, and protect your liberty following criminal charges.

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