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DUI Lawyer Farmington NM

DUI/DWI Lawyer Farmington NM

DUI/DWI Lawyer Farmington NM – When charged with DUI/DWI, you will be prosecuted by two separate entities:

A criminal prosecution will occur in one of three local courts, with a City or District Attorney assigned to convict you.

A separate administrative prosecution, overseen by the MVD, can remove your license before anything happens in your criminal case.  If you are thereafter caught driving on a revoked license, you will face a mandatory 7 days in jail, fines, and interlock penalties.

At Proudlaw, we handle both prosecutions for you: defending you in criminal court and the administrative arena.  This representation is standard for you.  It just doesn’t make sense to fight half your battle.

DUI and DWI sentencing schemes in New Mexico are complicated.  A 2nd or 3rd DWI can get you up to 5 years probation, yet a 4th or 5th DWI cannot.  You will get credit for pre-sentence jail time on a felony DWI, but the court can deny it on a misdemeanor.  Having counsel to resist the peculiarities of New Mexico’s DUI law is essential.

New Mexico requires an interlock license if either entity prosecutes you successfully.  Even if you hold an out-of-state license, New Mexico will “red flag” a national database, impairing your license renewal.  And, even if you pled to a 1st DUI in criminal court, for example, MVD can revoke your license for a lifetime, depending on what your driving record shows.

We help not just in your immediate battles, but also with the future implications to your license.  Would a great deal still be a great deal, if you knew you couldn’t drive afterward?

If you want to learn the penalties for your DWI, and the problems which could arise in the future, we’re here for a free consultation.  And if you want representation that covers all the bases, then welcome to Proudlaw.

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