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Injury Attorney Farmington NM

Injury Attorney Farmington NM


Injury Attorney Farmington NM – Your life is a series of dominoes.  Take one out, and none of them work.  Knock one over, they all go down. An accident can do this.

If your vehicle is now in the shop, will you have transportation that won’t inconvenience anyone else?  Is your work making special arrangements for you, or is your job at risk?  At work are the new pains you are experiencing hurting your ability to work altogether?

These are just the first couple dominoes.  It gets worse from here.

An injury affects you personally, but the liable insurance company sees you on paper.  You are a threat to their profitability.  There is no rule or law preventing them from taking advantage of you during your most vulnerable time.  If they get you to sign on the dotted line, that’s the end of the story.

Beware – even if you are offered money from an insurance company, their payoff might leave you in the red.  Undisclosed medical liens – most notably ERISA and Medicare set-asides – may be later assessed against you and may cause you financial loss and the loss of your health benefits.

The insurance company may also evaluate you on comparative fault basis, without disclosing it, or it may be assessing other penalties for things like failure to mitigate or subrogation discounts that you don’t know exist.

Without a guide, you are vulnerable. A lawyer has a fiduciary duty to protect your interests, and halt insurance company deceptions.  That duty is not taken lightly.

There are many ways to approach your case – many lawyers believe if they negotiate correctly, they will get most of what’s owed.  But that doesn’t always work.   If the games remain pervasive, and value for your case is denied, you need recourse.   We’re fully equipped to give you that – to litigate your matter to trial if necessary.

If you were injured by another person or their carelessness, we can help.  A free consultation is available to you by calling the number below.

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